8K Real HD Hyper realistic definition

8k Real HD definition is the newest service extra to your ultrasound package.

We recommend for best results for facial images best timing is from 25 weeks onwards.

8k is an amazing edited service which brings your 3D ultrasound pictures to life. After your session if you are wanting to go ahead we will organise best photo and 

You can now choose our 8k real HD package which includes one image in 8K as part of the package or you are able to choose one or multiple images to have produced in 8K. Each image costs $30 per image.

Check out our gallery on instagram for images before and after 8K hyper realistic HD Definition, it’s the most amazing clarity!

As technology grows, we are always striving for the best and latest technology in the industry!

See below the breath-taking realness these images produce.

Please note – the clearer the image we are able to get in your ultrasound, the clearer the 8K image. Eg, no hands or obstruction in front of babies face. 

8K Real HD


We can’t wait to meet you and the newest addition to your family!

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