Hello Baby!

Seeing your baby before birth is one of the most exciting and special experiences available with new age technology.

Kristel, co founder and mother of two was just amazed at the bonding experience it bought to her and her partner before the birth of her second child.

So much that she decided to purchase an existing business and make it her own.

After completing hands on training with live models, Kristel decided to further her studies by completing an OBN course which has helped her to learn and understand the lie positions and have a better understanding of the anatomy. 

After working in many different fields, Kristel has decided that 3D imaging is definitely the most rewarding career path she has taken and it has really turned into a passion rather than “just a job”

Bonding with your baby prior to birth has never been more affordable or easy to make an appointment.

Offering two very affordable and simple packages  to make bonding with your baby an affordable yet unforgettable experience. 

Head over to our bookings page and make an appointment today!





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