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Oh, hey baby!

We are a popular boutique ultrasound studio 3D/4D and the newest and latest technology 5D offering affordable packages .Our services include non-medical, non diagnostic 3D/4D /5D Ultrasound, showing you your beautiful baby before they join the world. 

Open by appointment only and you can easily book using our online bookings 

We complete Pregnancy Ultrasound from as little as 9 weeks.

No referral is required to book an appointment but our scans are not medical and do not replace any medical scans required during pregnancy. 

Conveniently located in Kenwick  (5 minutes from Westfield Carousel) from a cozy, cute comfortable studio, we can accommodate an additional up to 6 visitors in our scanning room. 

Our studio includes a 60″ TV so your loved ones are able to see your baby from a large screen.

With packages starting from as low as $60..we really pride ourselves on affordability. 

Our ultrasound room is spacious and we are able to allow up to 6 additional guests. 

We do things differently around here…!

We provide mothers and visitors refreshments and for the mamas lollies to help kick start babies wake up!

We are also able to include a cute touch to your images.. Instead of having the traditional first and last name eg “Lisa Smith” on your images, you are able to choose to have baby’s anticipated last name – example, your images if you choose so, can have “Baby Smith” on the images instead of your first and last name, which is a cute keepsake momento to have for your baby shower and social media. 


ultrasound Perth

our services

See your baby in with advanced 3D ultrasound to discover his or her facial features long before birth. With 4D ultrasound, get a 3D video of your baby waving, sucking their thumb, and more.

Have a question about our services? Find your answers here or simply contact us for more information.

To keep things nice & simple we offer three affordable packages. 

Every package includes digital prints emailed from the session.  

Pregnancy Ultrasound Perth

Pregnancy is the most exciting time in the life of a woman and her partner, and those nine months can be a long time to wait to meet your baby. Catch a glimpse of your little one months before he or she is due when you visit Oh, hey baby! for fetal photos and Perth’s most affordable pregnancy ultrasound.

Depending on the Package you choose, we will give you a great look at your baby so you can see how he or she is growing and developing, including details of facial features and expressions. We take still photos for you and, if you opt for our 4D ultrasound in Perth, you’ll be able to see on a big screen your baby moving – perhaps yawning, sucking his or her thumb, kicking, and waving! 

 We recommended to see your baby’s facial features in detail, the best time for your ultrasound is between 28-32 weeks’ gestation, but you are able to come to us from 15 weeks for a quick peek scan and to have a glimpse of baby in 3D/4D /5D. 

Oh, hey baby! is run by a trained ultrasound photographer. Our 3D ultrasound in Perth is a non-medical, non-diagnostic procedure performed with the specific intention of allowing you to “meet” your little one and take home a beautiful keepsake ultrasound photo.

Please be aware that our service is not a substitute for your routine diagnostic ultrasounds that are required by your obstetrician during the course of your pregnancy.

what people say?

Kristel did such an amazing job! She was very professional and patient waiting to get the best shot, the setup was warm and comfy, thank you for capturing my little girl
Shannon B
Highly recommend Kristel she made me feel so comfortable and in such a nice relaxed beautiful environment to see a glimpse of my first baby. She took her time and he finally showed his face and we managed to get some great pictures.
Anastasia L


An ultrasound is also known as a sonogram, and uses high frequency sound waves to create an image. At little beginnings we use ultrasound to take live images of your baby inside the womb.

Ultrasounds are non evasive, and are completely safe. It is a comfortable and painless procedure.

During the ultrasound, a small amount of gel will be applied to your stomach, then the technician will gently move the probe over the same area. The images will be displayed on a monitor or screen, allowing you to see your baby in the womb.

Rest assured, ultrasounds are safe for your baby. With all ultrasounds there is no radiation or harmful agents used by Little Beginnings.

The pictures you see, are created using high frequency sound waves.

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Looking forward to introducing you to your baby!