Oh, hey baby! 3D/4D Ultrasound

An ultrasound is also known as a sonogram, and uses high frequency sound waves to create an image. At Oh, hey baby!  we use ultrasound to take live images of your baby inside the womb.

Ultrasounds are non evasive, and are completely safe. It is a comfortable and painless procedure.

During the ultrasound, a small amount of gel will be applied to your stomach, then the technician will gently move the probe over the same area. The images will be displayed on a monitor or screen, allowing you to see your baby in the womb.

Rest assured, ultrasounds are safe for your baby. With all ultrasounds there is no radiation or harmful agents used by Oh, hey baby!

The pictures you see, are created using high frequency sound waves.

No. It’s important to understand that our ultrasounds are not medical scans – they are used for photography imaging only.

They are completely elective, allowing you to capture images of your unborn baby to treasure and share with family and friends.

Oh, hey baby! cannot provide any medical advice or diagnosis in any way.

We always strongly recommend that you have had your most up to date medical scan before coming to us, as any abnormalities would be noted at your medical scan.

We are a non-diagnostic service, and do not look out for abnormalities or anything that might require medical intervention.

2D ultrasounds have been used for years and provide basic two-dimensional, black and white images of your baby.

3D ultrasound is a more advanced method, which captures a true, three-dimensional image of your baby, often allowing us to see specific facial features and well-defined formation.

4D ultrasound provides a moving three-dimensional image of your baby in the womb. With a 4D ultrasound, we can capture your baby yawning, turning their head, sucking their thumb, or even waving!

View our packages to see the different types of scans we can perform at Oh, hey baby!

We are only able to tell genders 15-25 weeks. 

For larger/ fuller ladies we suggest waiting at least 17-19 weeks. 

If bub is not in a good position, we know very quickly and will end the oh hey baby boy or girl – 2D package, with no charge (there are no images provided if this occurs)

We have a waiver to complete online when booking will provide us with information we require for your scan. This must be completed prior to your scan or discussed when making booking to complete before your appointment if you do not have access to the internet or a computer.

We recommend staying very hydrated in the lead up to your appointment, which means drinking 1.5 – 2L of water a day. 

We provide soft drink and sour lollies if babies are not cooperating to assist in helping them to move.. So you don’t have to bring a thing!

If baby is in an awkward position, we will move mum to different positions on the bed but may need mum to complete some exercise to assist – light stretches and squats. 

As we are a small studio so are able to accommodate up to 6 additional family members in our ultrasounds sessions. 

Your ultrasound scan will be conducted by an experienced photographer trained in 2D/3D/4D ultrasound scanning who has a passion for introducing families to their babies, with a small family of her own Kristel understands the bonding process that 3D scans can bring to a family. 

Kristel has furthered her studies and has completed a OBY/GYN course which has given her an amazing insight on the anatomy of babies, and has been paramount in upskilling and assisting to capture babies in different and sometimes awkward positions. 

As this is a non-diagnostic ultrasound, no medical experience is necessary to operate the ultrasound machine.

We understand things come up, but ask for 24 hours for any cancelled appointments.

We recommend booking in once you have had your 20 week anatomy scan.

The best time for facial shots are between 27-32 weeks.

For fuller figured ladies we do recommend 30 + weeks for a clearer image. 

We provide ultrasounds for baby up to 37 weeks gestation. if baby is growing at a higher percentile they become harder to scan as they are quite large. We recommend coming in earlier if baby is growing larger on the growth percentile. 

Do to current health crisis we are only accepting non contactless methods of payment -eftpos or bank transfer

You can call us ,text us or book online.

Please note, we may be scanning and cannot pick up the phone all the time, so please leave us a message and we will call or text you back as soon as we possible can.

Our sessions go for 10,15 or 25 minutes dependent on what package you have chosen. 

When you are referred to the maternity hospital, and after completion of your 20 week anatomy scan, the check in book provided to your by the hospital should have the placement of the placenta.

As anterior placentas are not uncommon nor pose any risk to you or baby, you are normally not told by midwives or doctors but it is normally stated in your hospital book. 

Anterior placentas are only difficult for 3D/4D scans due to the placenta sometimes blocking the baby’s face from view but if bubs face is away from the placenta, we are able to slice this out and get some amazing shots!

Most people assume the smaller the baby the easier it will be to get a photo with an anterior placenta.

We are able to manipulate our machine to travel through the placenta if babies face is not pushed against the placenta, and produce the most life like shots as if it wasn’t there!

We recommend coming between 28 – 32 weeks if you have an anterior placenta. 

We have a great success rate with anterior placentas. 

We cannot guarantee photos on the day as there are so many different factors such as baby’s position, placement of arms and legs, movement, placement of the placenta, body mass of the mother and other factors. 

We do however try our best to capture the best possible images in your session. We recommend if baby has been difficult in scans previously to choose the premium package which includes 25 minute scan and gives time to try and move baby or babies hands. 

We use the GE Volusion E8, one of the most advanced, sophisticated OB ultrasound machines used in 3D/4D and includes 5D real view imaging.  

Our machine is able to rotate images on 3D angles, crop and pass through bulkier masses (placenta) which helps to produce quality, life like images for our clients. 

Do you have any questions?