When Will Be The Best Time To Go For 3D Ultrasound?

Being pregnant is the most wonderful feeling as it is a dawn of a new life not just for the one that is about to come into this world but also for the parents. However, new parents would also like to know how their child is growing inside the womb. For this, their first approach is to get a 3D ultrasound but the question is when is the right time for that?

The answer to this question usually depends upon what you wish to see. Below, we have breakdown the time that is great for 3D ultrasound and what you can expect in each phase.

14-18 Weeks
If you will go for 3D ultrasound when you are 14 to 18 weeks pregnant, you will be able to see the entire baby in one picture. You must know that your baby would be very active during this time of pregnancy, so if the baby is awake, you will see all the unfelt fetal movements. Movements like baby kick, wave, grab its feet, etc. will be evident. During this time, you can make out baby’s two eyes, a nose, and a mouth quite clearly. However, more detailed facial feature will not be visible, meaning you won’t be able to say that baby has daddy’s nose or mom’s eyes.

19-26 Weeks

During this time, the baby’s feature will be more developed and become prominent. However, there is also a high probability that the baby will breach and you will not be able to get good 3D pictures. When this happens, baby usually has hands and feet in the face or is folded in half. This is why it is highly recommended to go for 3D ultrasound during this phase only in special circumstances such as if you are pregnant with twins, have family in town who won’t be here at later stage of pregnancy, etc.

27-40 Weeks

In this time of the pregnancy, the baby’s head is down which is highly preferred. You can get a better, up-close detailed picture of the baby’s face, making your heart flutter with joy and excitement. However, you must have heard many rumors online that you can’t get good pictures past 32 weeks but this speculation are far from the truth. In fact, it is frequently encouraged to go for a 3D ultrasound during this time as you can see more details which are just great and welcoming for the new parents.

When pregnant, a vital element is getting clear pictures of the baby while it is still in the womb and growing with each day. So, based on your preferences, you can schedule 3D ultrasound and stay extra hydrated as that will ensure there is enough fluid in the amniotic sac to see the baby in elaborate detail.

Don’t wait long and schedule a 3D ultrasound during the above mentioned week and see how your baby is growing. At the end of the session, you can also take good quality pictures as a keepsake.

5 Tips For Would Be Moms Before They Go For 3D Ultrasound

One of the exciting moments in the journey of motherhood is going for ultrasound. This is the time when you can see your baby and how it is growing in front of your eyes. As there has been some significant advancements in technology, would be mothers are more inclined towards getting 3D and 4D ultrasound then going for the traditional one. With 3D ultrasound, one can get clear images of developing baby and parents can also track the baby’s journey while it is in the womb.

However, there are many factors that effects what kinds of pictures you will get, most of which are external factors that you can take control of. So listed below are 5 vital tips that would be moms must follow before going for a 3D ultrasound.

Determine When Is The Right Time For An Ultrasound

This is obviously something that must be determined well before in advance. You should know when is the right time to see your baby’s developments for the first time. You can always count on your doctor for advice. 16 weeks time is also great as by this time you can see more of your baby and its amazing development. By the time you reach 24-26 weeks, facial features of your baby starts getting more defined. It is also a great time to capture 3D pictures of the baby.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Scheduled 3D ultrasound and the days are coming near? Then you must start drinking plenty of fluids as this simple task can greatly contribute towards the quality of pictures you will receive. When your body will have more water, it will increase the quality and clarity of your amniotic fluid which is like the “window” to view baby. If you wish to see your baby as clear as possible, don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids. However, you don’t need a full bladder for these scans, so drink up and use the restroom often.

Don’t Forget To Eat Before Your Appointment

Building excitement might make eating a daunting task but it is essential that you eat something light prior to your appointment. You can either have a sandwich, salad, small bowl of pasta or anything light about 45 minutes to an hour before your appointment as this will make the baby a little more active by the time you get 3D ultrasound.

Have A Glass Of Fruit Juice

You can get the baby a little active with a glass of orange juice or apple juice, however, avoid consuming any soda. The caffeine in soda can make the baby active but it will have a negative impact on the fluid levels. Whereas, natural sugar in juice ensures a longer active period, which is ideal.

Opt For Lose Clothing

Lose clothing can help you stay comfortable during ultrasound as your pants need to be slightly below your hips during the procedure. You can be comfortable in that position if you are in lose clothing since ultrasounds can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

Are 3D And 4D Ultrasounds Safe?

As would be parents you must be too excited and planning on a lot of things already. As the baby is still in developing stage and inside the womb, it makes parents curious to know about the progress. What is happening inside, whether the baby is healthy or not and are they doing everything right? To find out, would be parents take help of 3D and 4D ultrasound. However, here again they are worried whether it will be safe for their baby or can the prenatal tests harm a fetus?

You can be rest assured as majority of studies shows that limited use of ultrasounds during pregnancy doesn’t hurt the baby. Here are few things that expectant parents must know.

How Do Ultrasounds Work?

To be sure whether the ultrasound can hurt the baby or not, you must know how the ultrasound works in the first place. Sending waves through the body to glimpse a baby’s tissues and organs, ultrasound are useful in observing fetal development. It can also detect abnormalities in the womb—including some that can be addressed before your baby is born.

In this 15 to 30 minutes procedure, the sonographer rubs gel on your abdomen. Then, a special wand called a transducer is used, which emits the sound waves, creating pictures of your baby on the screen.

Is It Safe For The Baby?

Now, when parents learn that sound waves create pictures of the baby, they get worried, whether this thing is safe for the baby or not? As mentioned earlier, there have been a lot of studies that gave no evidence that ultrasounds harm a developing fetus. No radiation or x-rays are used during ultrasound and no links have also been found between ultrasound and birth defects, childhood cancer, or developmental problems later in life.

Also how many ultrasounds are safe during pregnancy? There is no clear answer of that as well. Even if you consider a very slight possibility of risks, most experts agree that medically necessary ultrasounds are nothing to worry about.

Are 3D & 4D Ultrasounds Safe?

As there have been technological advancements, expectant parents can now get 3D and even 4D ultrasound to get clearer pictures of their baby. 4D ultrasounds with video capabilities let you see moving images of your baby in the womb. This can also help the doctor in diagnosing certain defects at a very early stage.

When compared to their traditional two-dimensional counterparts, 3D and 4D ultrasounds are considered safe, however, you must make sure that they’re conducted by a certified professional based on medical recommendation. If you want a better look at your baby’s face then getting 3D or 4D ultrasound is better choice.

It is also of grave importance that you get ultrasound only when medical information about pregnancy is needed. If you see ultrasound machine in malls and that is being carried out by technician of unknown training, it might turn out be dangerous.

Summing It Up

Ultrasounds are being used in pregnancy for past 3 to 4 decades and boosts of an extremely safe record. If it is medically necessary, don’t wait and get the ultrasound done without any worries that it might affect the baby in you womb.

3D vs 4D ultrasound- Know the difference before preparing for one

Preparing your house for a baby is always an exciting task. When you get the news that you are going to be a parent soon, you will definitely be on the seventh sky. From decorating your house with amazing stuff to cleaning it to provide your newborn with a friendly environment, you will do a lot of things with dedication. After all, would-be parents have the most beautiful feeling in the world.

Every parent is curious to experience every moment of the baby during pregnancy. Of course, you might be excited to check fetal development during the first few weeks. This is why you need to take advantage of ultrasound technology. The ultrasound will give you a chance to regularly monitor the fetus at your convenience.

These days many options are available when it comes to capturing the growth of your baby in mother’s womb. From 2D and 3D to 4D ultrasound, you have choices available according to your monitoring needs. In fact, you will surely get amazing benefits of getting an ultrasound done during the pregnancy. If you are excited for the ultrasound but confused about 3D and 4D, then this post will surely help you make the right choice.

3D Ultrasound

3D ultrasound technology has different features than 2D images. This lets you monitor your baby’s growth in a 3-dimension image. 3D ultrasound has its own benefits and ensures you get complete details about the fetal development through the pictorial presentation. 3D ultrasound is beneficial for the diagnosis of face defects like cleft lips and detecting fetal neural tube and skeletal defects.

3D ultrasound is beneficial for not only detecting the development defects but also for experiencing the growth of fetal in the womb. Of course, it is tough to predict whether the baby in the womb is healthy or not. This is why going with 3D ultrasound seems to be a good choice for you. This type of ultrasound basically allows us to visualize fetal structure and internal anatomy as a static 3D image.

4D Ultrasound

4D ultrasound has the same benefits as 3D Ultrasound. However, it allows you to add the live streaming video of the image. 4D ultrasound helps you catch the movement of fetal heart wall or valves. It also helps show the motion of blood flow in various vessels. 4D ultrasound is used to study the motion of moving organs of the fetal. For fetal keepsake videos, 4D ultrasound is recommended. However, not all the centers offer 4D ultrasound facilities. Apart from this, 4D ultrasounds are suggested when you want to experience the motion of moving organs of fetal.

Final Words

The basic difference between 3D and 4D ultrasound is that you will get a better image of fetal than 2D ultrasounds. 3D ultrasound provides a 3-dimension image of the fetal organ while 4D ultrasound offers motion of moving organs in the form of video.

With the passing time, technology has changed and improved to offer you better experience in every field including medical. 3D and 4D ultrasounds are indeed a great invention to the medical sector that helps doctors to provide better and advanced services to their patients. If you are preparing yourself for one, be sure to know the basic difference first. This way you can get an enhanced experience with 3D and 4D ultrasound.

Antenatal appointments

Being pregnant is a tough gig – feeling sick, mood swings and then on top of all of that? So many appointments to try to understand and figure out which option is best for you.

1.The first appointment you should schedule is with your local GP to determine pregnancy, this is normally completed via a pregnancy test and then a blood test. The doctors will also check your blood for iron.

2. Your first ultrasound! This ultrasound determines how far along you are. Such an exciting ultrasound, even though there is not always a lot to see, it’s the first bonding you will have with this little miracle growing inside of you!

3. The harmony test or Ultrasound – there are two different options you can take for the next steps. The first option is the harmony genetic test, and also covers gender! The other option is a 12 week ultrasound.

4. The next and final ultrasound is the anatomy ultrasound, your baby is measured from head to toe and this scan is normally completed around 18-19 weeks. If you have opted to go public, this will be the last ultrasound you receive, unless the doctor deems in necessary for additional ultrasounds (normally growth scans)

5. You normally attend your first antenatal appointment at around 20 weeks at the hospital you will attend. In these appointments you will be weighed, you will go through your medical history and the midwives will complete a doppler for your babies heart rate in these appointments. These appointments will occur every four weeks and once you reach 35 + weeks, every week or fortnight.

Tips & Tricks for your next Ultrasound

Ultrasounds when it comes to babies can be super difficult, as some babies can be very stubborn! The baby is the boss, not me, I’m just the photographer.

We’ve come up with a list below to assist with your upcoming appointment with Oh Hey Baby!

Water intake

Hydration is key in the lead up to your 3D Ultrasound, I suggest drinking at least 1.5 -2L of water a day a week prior, this can have a huge effect in the clarity of your images.

Waking baby up

I offer sour sweets in all of my sessions to assist waking baby up, also ice cold water is offered – if these methods don’t work we do a mini work out to move bub around and help with waking baby up.


I play music in all of my sessions, it adds that little bit extra to your session and I also feel it plays a part in relaxing baby and assisting giving me good shots (this is my personal opinion!)

Anterior Placenta’s

I have had hundreds of anterior placentas with the 3D ultrasounds, my machine is resilient enough to slice through the placenta to bubs face, in saying this I do need a good amount of fluid in front of bubs face so the machine doesn’t mistake bub’s face for the placenta and starts to slice through it. A lot of success with anterior placentas is hydration & position of baby.


Relax and have fun, come with an open mind to your appointment with no set expectation, I always feel being uptight or nervous can have an effect on the turn out of your ultrasound.

Pregnancy Problem House

I’ve decided in this weeks blog to discuss a non for profit organization in Perth, that is close to my heart, this is a personal share for me – but I think it’s important for pregnant girls in need of help know resources available in Perth.

When I was 16 years old, I fell pregnant with my boyfriend. I was extremely nervous about my future ahead and about him also, he didn’t have a job and was older then me but pretty immature.

I had left school and was completing a traineeship for a phone company in Balcatta. I’d catch a bus, a train and then another bus to my work and on the way I’d stare out the window and had noticed a place called the “pregnancy problem house” before I fell pregnant I used to see it on my way to work and on my way home, so it was pretty etched into my head.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a baby, I was so young and I had so much I wanted to achieve in my life and did feel like a baby would hold me back from achieving those dreams.

I went to the doctors and got a referral for a termination, my mind was set but for some reason, the memory of the pregnancy problem house kept entering my mind. So I decided to make an appointment.

My appointment date came and I went in and spoke to a pregnancy problem house councilor, there was no judgement from her end, but she showed me photos and stories of other girls who were my age and kept their pregnancies and were now thirty years old with great careers, and married with other children. These stories inspired me and gave me the strength to realize that it could be done, and everything would work out just fine.

That was thirteen years ago, I now have a beautiful thirteen year old girl and have recently had another beautiful little baby girl!

I’ve worked myself up the corporate ladder, and at one point in my career became a National Operations Manager for an Australian wide facility management company, leading a team of almost fifty staff and various contractors around Australia.

I’ve done a lot in the last thirteen years with my life, but I have to say my biggest achievement was becoming and conquering parenthood in my teenage years and raising a beautiful, sassy, confident baby girl who is now a teen herself. Sure, some times were harder than others but I wouldn’t ever change it for the world!!!

In my last pregnancy I was able to see my baby in 3D which helped me to bond with her and see her face before birth something that wasn’t available to me 13 years go, with not a lot of 3D ultrasound places in Perth available, it was a clear decision for me to gather the training I needed and enter as a business. It has been a passion for me, and I absolutely love showing couples their baby. Every 3D Ultrasound has been so rewarding for me. So… if you are wanting a 3D ultrasound in Perth, you have certainly come through to the right place!

I am now working as a service provider for the pregnancy problem house in Perth, something which I am extremely proud of and want to help every single one of you struggling out there!

If you are ever are in need of some assurance or non judgmental help with your pregnancy, I urge you to make an appointment with the pregnancy problem house for a chat, who have two locations now in Perth -it could change the path you take or maybe it was always your path…!

With love,



Oh Hey Baby!

In the beginning…

We wanted to let all of our beautiful clients and clients to be – know that we are currently under a rebrand from our initial business name we’ve had since the beginning…

We’ve decided to change our current business name from “Little Beginnings” to “Oh, hey baby!” all our social media, logos and website will be swapped over in the next coming weeks.

We wanted to go with a name that really gave the business some personality and a pop of colour, which suits such an exciting time for expectant parents.

Our amazing service and prices will stay the same, just a little name change and a splash of colour.

With love,