5 Tips For Would Be Moms Before They Go For 3D Ultrasound

One of the exciting moments in the journey of motherhood is going for ultrasound. This is the time when you can see your baby and how it is growing in front of your eyes. As there has been some significant advancements in technology, would be mothers are more inclined towards getting 3D and 4D ultrasound then going for the traditional one. With 3D ultrasound, one can get clear images of developing baby and parents can also track the baby’s journey while it is in the womb.

However, there are many factors that effects what kinds of pictures you will get, most of which are external factors that you can take control of. So listed below are 5 vital tips that would be moms must follow before going for a 3D ultrasound.

Determine When Is The Right Time For An Ultrasound

This is obviously something that must be determined well before in advance. You should know when is the right time to see your baby’s developments for the first time. You can always count on your doctor for advice. 16 weeks time is also great as by this time you can see more of your baby and its amazing development. By the time you reach 24-26 weeks, facial features of your baby starts getting more defined. It is also a great time to capture 3D pictures of the baby.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Scheduled 3D ultrasound and the days are coming near? Then you must start drinking plenty of fluids as this simple task can greatly contribute towards the quality of pictures you will receive. When your body will have more water, it will increase the quality and clarity of your amniotic fluid which is like the “window” to view baby. If you wish to see your baby as clear as possible, don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids. However, you don’t need a full bladder for these scans, so drink up and use the restroom often.

Don’t Forget To Eat Before Your Appointment

Building excitement might make eating a daunting task but it is essential that you eat something light prior to your appointment. You can either have a sandwich, salad, small bowl of pasta or anything light about 45 minutes to an hour before your appointment as this will make the baby a little more active by the time you get 3D ultrasound.

Have A Glass Of Fruit Juice

You can get the baby a little active with a glass of orange juice or apple juice, however, avoid consuming any soda. The caffeine in soda can make the baby active but it will have a negative impact on the fluid levels. Whereas, natural sugar in juice ensures a longer active period, which is ideal.

Opt For Lose Clothing

Lose clothing can help you stay comfortable during ultrasound as your pants need to be slightly below your hips during the procedure. You can be comfortable in that position if you are in lose clothing since ultrasounds can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

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