Antenatal appointments

Being pregnant is a tough gig – feeling sick, mood swings and then on top of all of that? So many appointments to try to understand and figure out which option is best for you.

1.The first appointment you should schedule is with your local GP to determine pregnancy, this is normally completed via a pregnancy test and then a blood test. The doctors will also check your blood for iron.

2. Your first ultrasound! This ultrasound determines how far along you are. Such an exciting ultrasound, even though there is not always a lot to see, it’s the first bonding you will have with this little miracle growing inside of you!

3. The harmony test or Ultrasound – there are two different options you can take for the next steps. The first option is the harmony genetic test, and also covers gender! The other option is a 12 week ultrasound.

4. The next and final ultrasound is the anatomy ultrasound, your baby is measured from head to toe and this scan is normally completed around 18-19 weeks. If you have opted to go public, this will be the last ultrasound you receive, unless the doctor deems in necessary for additional ultrasounds (normally growth scans)

5. You normally attend your first antenatal appointment at around 20 weeks at the hospital you will attend. In these appointments you will be weighed, you will go through your medical history and the midwives will complete a doppler for your babies heart rate in these appointments. These appointments will occur every four weeks and once you reach 35 + weeks, every week or fortnight.

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