Tips & Tricks for your next Ultrasound

Ultrasounds when it comes to babies can be super difficult, as some babies can be very stubborn! The baby is the boss, not me, I’m just the photographer.

We’ve come up with a list below to assist with your upcoming appointment with Oh Hey Baby!

Water intake

Hydration is key in the lead up to your 3D Ultrasound, I suggest drinking at least 1.5 -2L of water a day a week prior, this can have a huge effect in the clarity of your images.

Waking baby up

I offer sour sweets in all of my sessions to assist waking baby up, also ice cold water is offered – if these methods don’t work we do a mini work out to move bub around and help with waking baby up.


I play music in all of my sessions, it adds that little bit extra to your session and I also feel it plays a part in relaxing baby and assisting giving me good shots (this is my personal opinion!)

Anterior Placenta’s

I have had hundreds of anterior placentas with the 3D ultrasounds, my machine is resilient enough to slice through the placenta to bubs face, in saying this I do need a good amount of fluid in front of bubs face so the machine doesn’t mistake bub’s face for the placenta and starts to slice through it. A lot of success with anterior placentas is hydration & position of baby.


Relax and have fun, come with an open mind to your appointment with no set expectation, I always feel being uptight or nervous can have an effect on the turn out of your ultrasound.

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