Anterior Placentas

Let’s talk anterior placentas!

They are more common than you might think…

Anterior placentas are a normal placement of the placenta within the uterus and does not medically have an impact on your pregnancy.

Most girls do not realise when they do have an anterior placenta as the only thing it may affect is a 3D scan.

It can be harder with an anterior placenta to get a good view of your baby, especially if your are still in the early stages of the second trimester.

We recommend after 28 weeks as your baby will grow and face pushes closer into the placenta, our machine is able to cut through the placenta but will distort the image if baby’s face is too small.

The anatomy scan will have placement of your placenta – e.g. posterior, anterior etc.

You are able to tell in your 2D scan if you have an anterior placenta as above baby, there is a grey cloud mass above the baby.

If you are unsure if you do have an anterior placenta before booking, please always check your anatomy report for placenta placement. 

We have a really good success rate when it comes to anterior placentas in the later stages of pregnancy (from 28 weeks onwards)









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